Danuta was fantastic to work with. This was my first time using a wardrobe stylist. She helped me with a complete new wardrobe with clothes in my own closet and got me out of my comfort zone.
Definitely worth it!!!

Liby C., Short Hills, NJ

Danuta is awesome! I loved working with her! She knows her stuff, is totally professional and makes the wardrobe overhaul and shopping experience fun and stress free. I felt like a new woman after all her wonderful help. One thing that makes her unique to is that she goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. I was a little uneasy about this, mostly because I had never done it before prior to meeting her but once you meet her, you'll understand. She not only helps you find things that fit your own personal style but gives suggestions to enhance it and get you the "look" that you are going for. I totally recommend her if you are looking to change, enhance your style or just need some directions or tips on what looks great. She was on time and followed through on everything she promised. Thanks so much Danuta!

Christine C., Bethlehem, PA

Had a great session and Danuta was fun, decisive and is a great stylist. Helped me purge a ton of stuff that wasn't working. Will contract her again!

Cathy T., Nutley, NJ

Danuta was fantastic! She helped me with a closet audit and a color assessment. We created about 30 new looks using just the pieces in my wardrobe, and got rid of about 15 pieces that weren't serving me. She was able to combine my clothes in ways I never would have dreamt of but looked killer. She was also great at listening to my opinion and taste, and tailoring the outfits to fit the style I'm going for. Throughout the session she took pictures of each outfit to create a lookbook for my future reference, and created a shopping list of basic pieces that I was missing or needed to replace. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future!

Kira S, Philadelphia, PA

Danuta provided excellent fashion advice and guidance. I was comfortable with her from the moment she opened my closet. After she assessed my wardrobe, she put together a look book with my current clothes and new items she thought would add to my wardrobe. She did an amazing job. I felt like she really got to know my style and the style I wanted to portray. And shopping with her was a great experience. Very comfortable and efficient. She had clothes waiting for me before I even walked into the store. I would recommend A Fashion Page to everyone. Truly a great experience.

Jasmine F., Rutherford, NJ

Danuta was amazing. She helped me clean out my closet and establish what fit well, what could be donated and how to pair outfits together. She was so positive and easy going and made it very easy to connect. I wish I had already established what already fit so we could have spent more time together putting the clothes back and organizing. I will definitely be looking forward to my look book and will be looking forward to shopping together.

Allison H, Macungie, PA

Danuta is great, she came over and we went right to it- reviewed everything in my closet, made a bunch of looks and got rid of a lot of past due items. we also made a shopping list to tackle together during our next meeting. definitely worth it! you can tell she's very passionate about what she does and listens to you. i felt super comfortable and had a to of fun. super productive session!

Caroline R. Jersey City, NJ

Danuta is truly great at what she does and very creative!! Will hire her again.

Leesa R. New York, NY