Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you usually work with?

I do not work primarily as a fashion stylist someone who styles magazine shoots and works with size-2 celebrities and socialites, I also have experience dressing real women in sizes ranging from Petite 0 to Regular 24 to Tall 10? So it does not matter whether you’re built like a supermodel and have an unlimited budget or you're an everyday mom or entrepreneur with a limited budget.


What’s the process?

My services are tailored to each person individually I will take some of my clients shopping for entirely new wardrobe or for some I will come to their home and utilize elements of their  existing wardrobe to create updated and fashionable looks. If you don’t have a big budget for shopping, having someone who will work with your existing wardrobe is crucial. You don’t need to purchase a whole new wardrobe to get a new look or to feel 10 times better about yourself; you just need someone with an objective eye to point out what’s working and what’s not in your existing wardrobe..


How do you decide what works for me?

I will assess your overall body type and apply a set of rules to you based on that type. I will consider your lifestyle in designing your ideal wardrobe and will set a plan for what you need.


If we go shopping, will we go to one store or many?

This one is personal preference.  You can get a lot accomplished in a big department store in a limited amount of time and, if you’re shopping resistant, a department store might be perfect. However, I encourage traveling to a new city to check out the local fashion scene for more options.


Where are your go-to places to shop?

 Think about your budget for clothes shopping and where you prefer to shop. Are you a department-store shopper, high-end boutique shopper or thrift/discount shopper? I can shop in each of these locations and I am very comfortable in various shopping spots. I will also suggest  for you to move a bit beyond your comfort zone and try out some new places as well.