70s Dreamin'

The Attic's amazing clothing and accessories collection isn't the only reason we should be forgiven for having an attack of Seventies deja vu. 

December 2017

A decade that’s been revitalized time and time again on the runway, 1970s fashion was courageous and inflated in a good way.  And this year's 70s influence in fashion was a treat, as usual. 

pop tarts

Nevertheless, it seems to me that it is a very trying time for some of the designers who are trying too hard to reinvent themselves this time around, but trying to win consumer's sympathy as well.  So if something feels too manufactured and prescribed to me, I am just not buying it.  I like pulling trendy pieces from the past decades but I do like to keep it as natural and unforced as possible. 

ice storm

J'adore J.Crew's sheer genius! From the sublime to the meticulous, their trousers- once out of favor- are captivating again.  Long, cropped, striped and spotted, chic, gloriously high-profile trousers peppered department stores earlier this year in variations that delivered raw feminism, charm or sporty flair. 


Below are just few of our favorite picks:

j.crew trousers.jpg
Trousers Affair

At A Fashion Page, vivid color and balancing proportions were the focus of this photo-shoot by John Rounds; we emphasized color with playful, cropped pants, and went characteristically steamy with ultrasexy graphic top and leather jacket.  

Tennis shoes have been neglected in the past few years. Now they're not so simple or straightforward. They're more evolved, with fur trim, chunky hardware or lacing. 

Few of our favorites below:

Top Row: ADIDAS,  Seychelles ,  Nike ,  River Island ,   Bottom Row: Dune London,  Ed Ellen Degeneres,  Aerin,  Cole Haan

Top Row: ADIDAS, SeychellesNikeRiver Island

Bottom Row: Dune London, Ed Ellen Degeneres, Aerin, Cole Haan

certainly hot

Certainly, our love affair with the three-quarter-length sleeve or half sleeve lends itself to a stylish leather jacket- it's the perfect way to top off a unconventionally ladylike look. But pastel color- mint- or a graphic pants pattern provides a fresh take. At the same time, supersleek, cropped leather jacket can turn up the sex appeal of a graphic Tee or flirty top. 

It's a return to elegance.  Current runway fascination with past and lost decades is a reintroduction of a lost sophistication and an opportunity for a younger generations to enjoy classics. 


Let's not forget that fashion is all about fun.  It is bringing the whimsy back to our life. 


Faith is wearing: Trousers by J.Crew, Tennis Shoes: Coach, Jacket: Bagatelle, T-Shirt: Forever21 





November Hot Shot Of The Month

Who said you can't wear flare, print dresses in November? We're all about hottest trends on cold days. Just make sure you wear your coat, tights and boots. 

Hottest trends on cold days. Stylist: Danuta Byra

Fashion adventurous women can now wear the coolest, fashion-forward styles made just for them. The cute, 90s-chic and bohemian look is back and you'll look the part in this Band of Gypsies dress from The Attic. This Fall and anytime of the year, hip fashionistas are right in style with many contemporary looks from The Attic boutique located in downtown Bethlehem. 

The Attic Vintage Store in Bethlehem, Pa

Ok, so what are the must-haves of the month. Let's break it down, shall we?

1. Choker.-Any kind of choker. A signature 80s/90s "must-have," works really well with this Fall's bohemian frills. 


The ideal choker samples:

2. A Unique Wide Brim Hat. Always extraordinary and adventureous. 

Wide Brim Hat

I'm obssessed with the these! 

Top Row: All hats by  Maison Michel ,  Second Row from the left: Eugenia Kim,  Luxury Divas ,  Rag & Bone ,  Bottom hat:  Maison Michel

Top Row: All hats by Maison Michel,  Second Row from the left: Eugenia Kim, Luxury Divas, Rag & Bone,  Bottom hat: Maison Michel

3. One Sweet Flare Dress. Most glamourous comfort. 

Flair Dress

Top Row from the Left: Moschino, With Chic, Amazon, Romwe

Bottom Row: Romwe, Miss Selfridge, Topshop and Charlotte Russe. 

Band of Gypsies Dress

4.  Leather Statement Bag for shine! What all the fuss is about! 

untitled-2952 (1).jpg

5.  Combat Boots. What really makes them special, besides the hot coolness and comfort, is that they go together with almost everything. 

An All Occasion look
Really easy look

We took one of The Attic's (hot and hip downtown Bethlehem store), dresses- and discovered a galaxy of bargain-gems to go with it.  There is so much room for self-expression in the bohemian trend. 

 Photo by JRounds Photography (www.jroundsphotography.com)
lusting for leather combat boots?

With a flirty dress, these accessories are pretty, glam and just spicy enough. Try, just try, a killer color dress like this. Now look in the mirror: Where have you been hiding?

untitled-2943-2 (1).jpg

Faith wears: Dress: Band of Gypsies, Hat: Roeback & Co., Choker: Charlotte, Boots: Guess, Bag: Marc Jacobs. All Clothes and Accessories provided by The Attic.