Best Dress

You know that great summertime dress you keep searching for?

You can't quite picture it, but you know it fits like a glove yet never feels astringent.

It displays lots of shoulders, back and arms but still offers support.


It emits more effortless glamour.

And it appears modest enough to go to a cocktail party, but it is really meant for the dance floor.

Well, it seems that we have read your mind.

Jamie’s American Eagle dress is all sewed up to be.

Jamie wears: Dress: American Eagle, Hat: Sole Society, Clutch: Whistles, Wedges: Michael Kors

                                                 PHOTOGRAPHY: JOHN ROUNDS

                                                           MODEL: JAMIE KLEIN

                                    FASHION STYLING AND MAKE UP: DANUTA BYRA

Jamie found it first and it appears this particular dress is all sold out. But we’re here to show variety of not-very-sloppy seconds. After all, it’s that dress.  Click on the photos below to read descriptions.