Christmas Chic and Angelica!

Meet the new model joining our forces at A Fashion Page, her name is Angelica Walejnis and she stands out among her peers. With her compelling beauty she never fails to excite and to impress. Angelica is still in High School but in the near future she sees herself working in fashion merchandising and styling business.

With simple premise and a bit of cool styling we prepared this year's ultimate Christmas outfit!

Enchanting and flawless red! This season is awash in the color and style of Holiday Spirit.

As a stylist I prefer to subtly reinterpret the unwritten rules of Christmas style. Instead of heavy fabrics like velvet or wool, I favor lighter fabrics with lace inserts. My favorite throw-over pieces this season come in the form of oversized drape coats.  Stylish, chic and cool!

Not since the '50s ugly sweater trend has Christmas style been so fashionable. Cocktail mini dresses, pep-toe booties and a mid-length oversized coats are definitely a new way to look at this season's glamour.

Danika Clevenstine, our super talented make-up artist's take on Christmas glamour means it's time for sexy liner, delicate cheeks and sweet lipcolors. A perfect blend of beautiful light, impeccable composition, and a creative touch of photographer John Rounds made this shoot one of the most glamorous moments ever.

Angelica is wearing Coat: ROMWE, Dress: ROMWE, Shoes; Steve Madden, Bag: Express, Necklace: ASOS, Bracelet: Camilla.