What is most essential remains meaningful, valuable, and precious to forever.  Abiding values are those truly tested by time, passed from one generation to the next, adapted to suit shifts in fashion and lifestyles, but fundamentally immutable.  How we define these ideals informs every aspect of our lives, from how we work, learn and raise our families to what we wear.

Style On A Budget

Fashion is marvelous! But I must say the fun of dressing and styling and trying to keep up with the newest trends, brands and what's hot or not is intense. Everyone enjoys a little splurge here and there and dares to "go there" for a special event if you know what I mean. Today's selected pieces, however, are just what the majority of women out there could possibly enjoy and most importantly, afford.  Starting with a simple American Apparel Ponte Tube Top (1.) and H&M High-waisted Slim Fit pants (4.) this look is already capturing the essence of a woman. I can't get enough of this Topshop Brushed Cardigan (2.) that can be easily put over any outfit and can be an ultimate metaphor for many women out there looking to spice up their wardrobe and keep it classic. And by adding these amazing Jefferey Campbell Ouzel Pumps (5.) don't be surprise when a construction worker outside does a double take as you walk by! I don't demand attention but this Anabelle Rabbit Fur Color Block Infinity Scarf (3.) is simply gorgeous and will turn heads around for sure. And since we were going to keep it simple all we need is this classic Banana Republic Larkin Tote (6.).  Voila! 



Flipping the coin here, ironically, only because Fashion is also a fantasy and we are allowed to dream it and desire it anytime we want. I picked some of my favorite Emanuel Ungaro's looks for Fall/Winter 2014.  These are truly inspirational and give me 500+ Fashion ideas to use when wardrobe styling!

source: http://www.ungaro.com

source: http://www.ungaro.com

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