danuta byra

Fashion Stylist

What is most essential remains meaningful, valuable, and precious to me forever.  Abiding values are those truly tested by time, passed from one generation to the next, adapted to suit shifts in fashion and lifestyles, but fundamentally immutable.  How we define these ideals informs every aspect of our lives, from how we work, learn and raise our families to what we wear.

 For the past seven years, I have continued to build a lasting bond with my clients by understanding what they value. The services I offer reflect the qualities they care about most, in their communities, in their lives, and in themselves. It's all inside.

 I began my career in entertainment industry (Film, TV) working for various Media and Post-Production houses. Combining all my skills and experience together along with my complete and utter passion for the fashion industry, I launched my own independent styling business, where I offer a fantastic range of  freelance services.  Additionally I have over 8 years experience in digital marketing strategy, brand relations, strategic planning, execution and promotions, and currently specialize in social media marketing and publicity for several different clients.